NCAA Coaches Approval Process

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Coaches of Teams Participating in NCAA Certified Events:
Please be aware of the NEW NCAA Requirements for teams participating in NCAA-Certified Tournaments. This process is much lengthier than it has been in the past – START NOW to get certified before the viewing period begins!!!
All of the steps below must be completed by 15U-17U teams in order to participate. Teams without approved coaches and rosters on the NCAA BBCS will not be allowed to participate in NCAA-certified events.
  • Step 1 – Coaches obtain USA BBall Gold Licenses: Coaches of 14U-17U teams must obtain a USA Basketball Gold Coach License with NCAA Status. This requirement applies to coaches, assistant coaches, and any bench personnel (non-players). Allow 3 weeks for processing. You will not be able to enter your rosters on the new BBCS website (step 2) until you complete this process. Click here for detailed application instructions from USA Basketball (use the link at the bottom of the USA Basketball instruction page to start your application). START EARLY!
  • Step 2 – Register on the new BBCS: All Coaches and Athletes must create individual accounts on the all-new NCAA BBCS website.  Only coaches who have completed the above Step 1 will be allowed to create accounts on the BBCS.
  • Step 3 – Build Your Team Roster: The head coach must then invite their assistant coaches and players to be on their roster through the BBCS website. Click here to build your roster.
REMINDER: Teams who have not completed all of the above steps WILL NOT be allowed to participate in NCAA-certified tournaments.